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The research of Dr. Mohammad Zainal Abidin is to study the potency of animal by-products towards useful product transformations such as bioactive peptides and renewable biofuel. In addition, he is applying a biotechnology-based approach to leather processing and discovering the tanning and dyeing of the leather process. Our work is a multidisciplinary research field and integrates areas of enzymology, biochemistry, and organic chemistry. We are intensely interested in the discovery and design of novel biocatalysts for synthesizing important relevant products (pharmaceutical and biofuel). Another area of interest is the development of a new biocatalyst and the finding of novel tanning and dyeing agent for eco-friendly leather processes. Overall, we work on the characterization and optimization of functional animal by-product transformations, which are eco-friendly and sustainable in production. 


We have published many publications both nationally and internationally. We have also made many contributions in the field of science through the research we have done. Having a solid research team makes each research run faster.


Join the Group as Project Assistant Positions

One position available. M.Sc Biotechnology or Animal Science related students having prior research experience in enzymology, and organic chemistry can contact directly. Prospective postgraduate students need to apply and be accepted to the Animal Science Ph.D. program before joining our group. Please contact Dr. Mohammad Zainal Abidin by email, providing a CV and a brief description of your previous research...

Latest Publications

Mohammad Zainal Abidin, Ragil Yuliatmo, Gresy Griyanitasari

Leather and Footwer Journal, 2022, 22(2), pp. 101-106

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T. R. Hakim, A. Pratiwi, Jamhari Jamhari, N. A. Fitriyanto, Rusman Rusman, M. Z. Abidin, D. N. Matulessy, Y. Erwanto

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We open up opportunities to contribute to our research. We open this opportunity for the advancement of science that can provide many benefits to society.

Please contact Dr. Mohammad Zainal Abidin by email, providing a CV and a brief description of your previous research experience.